Membership 2015

Membership Categories

This year we are happy to offer both Voting Memberships - for families and individuals - as well as Social + Activity Memberships.

Voting Memberships are limited to 150 households within the Club's geographic boundaries, as outlined in the map below, and include all benefits of membership.

Social + Activity Memberships are for DC residents living within a broader geographic area (defined below) and include select benefits of membership.

2015 Membership Categories, Rights, Benefits & Fees

Dues for "Family" Voting Memberships are $595. This is only available to multi-person households within the Club's geographic boundaries. This includes children, grandparents, au pairs, exchange students, etc.,. These individuals will be considered Club members. One vote per household.

Dues for "Single" Voting Memberships are $350. This is only available to single-person households within the Club's geographic boundaries. This includes persons living alone or with unrelated persons who are not Club members (e.g., roommates). Holders of Voting Single Memberships cannot use guest passes to bring other household residents to the pool. One vote per member.


Click here to renew your Voting Membership today. To be guaranteed a renewal sport, register by March 15, 2015. Renewals made after that date cannot be guaranteed a spot.

New Voting Memberships require an initiation fee of $400 in addition to annual dues. Families or individuals who reside within the geographic limits and would like voting memberships are admitted to the Club as these slots open up, or on a first-come, first-served basis after March 15th. If you are interested in joining the Club as a voting member, contact us at and ask to be added to the waiting list.

Social + Activity Memberships are intended for multi- or single-person households located within the following ZIP codes: 20008, 20005, 20007, 20009, 20010, 20011, 20015, 20016, 20036, and 20037. Social + Activity Memberships are entitled to select Club benefits.

Register today for your Social + Activity Membership here

General use of the Club’s swimming pool is reserved for Voting Members, of which there is a cap of 150 households. This 150 cap has been used to ensure that the pool does not get overcrowded.

Because the Club has not hit its 150 Voting Member cap this year, the Club’s Board has agreed to offer Social + Activity Members the opportunity to purchase a season pool pass granting general pool access for the summer, subject to availability. Pool Passes will expire when the pool closes on Labor Day (September 7, 2015) and no promise of use of the pool in future years is made. Pool passes do not convey voting rights nor the ability to rent Club facilities (clubhouse and/or pool).

Pool passes will only be offered to Social + Activity Members to fill empty slots up to the Club’s 150 household cap. The fee for this one-season pool pass is $500. Please email if you would like to purchase a pool pass for Summer 2015.


For more information, please contact .

Voting Member Benefits

These benefits are exclusive to voting members.

Heated Pool with one of the longer seasons in the area. Offers early morning swim for adults and stays open late two nights a week. Exclusive to voting memberships. Learn more about the pool

Clubhouse and Pool Rentals available to members for birthday parties and special events. Exclusive to voting memberships. Learn more about rentals

Voting Rights for Club officers and directors, and other governance issues.

All Member Benefits

These benefits are available to voting and social + activity members.

Camp @ Cleveland Park Club Informal, low-key summer camp for boys and girls ages 5 to 10. All members receive the member rate for camp. Learn more about camp

Swim instruction Group classes available for children ages 3 and up at the member rate. Private lessons for all ages are available only to members. Learn more about swim instruction   

Children's Activities held during the fall and winter. Outdoor play area with large sandbox.

Adult Classes and other activities held throughout the year.

Community Potlucks Two potluck suppers held at the beginning and end of the swim season (Memorial Day and Labor Day, respectively).

Special Events throughout the year including Porch Parties, Kids Fun Days, wine tastings, and other events.

Fees and Dues

Voting memberships

Annual dues for voting family membership $595
Annual dues for voting single membership $350
One-time initiation fee for new voting members $400

Social + activity memberships

Annual dues for social + activity membership $200
One-time initiation fee for new social + activity members $75


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