Membership Categories

The voting membership waitlist is prioritized as follows:

  1. Social and Activity Members by date of joining the waitlist
  2. Social Members by date of joining the waitlist
  3. All other nonmembers by date of joining the waitlist.

If pulled off the waitlist and asked to become a voting member any initiation fees that you have already paid towards any other memberships will be credited towards your new voting membership initiation. If you have also paid annual dues for other membership levels in the same year you receive a waitlist offer, those annual dues will also be credited to the new balance due for voting membership dues.

Voting Membership

Voting memberships are available to 150 households in Cleveland Park, North Cleveland Park and Woodley Park.  Voting members must reside within the boundaries of the map above.

Membership includes children, grandparents, au pairs, exchange students, etc., living in the household. Each Voting Membership has one vote.

New voting members are admitted as space becomes available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Benefits of Voting Membership include:

  • Full pool access
  • Clubhouse rentals
  • Voting rights (one vote per household)
  • Discounted rates on camp, group swim, other classes
  • Access to private swim lessons
  • All social events

Voting Membership Fees
One-time Initiation:  $500
Annual Dues:  $695


Social and Activity Membership

Social + Activity Memberships allow both families and individuals living within Northwest DC to enjoy select benefits of membership.

Benefits of Social and Activity membership include:

  • Discounted rates for camp, classes, and group swim classes
  • Eligible to register for private swim lessons
  • All Club social events and meetings

Open swim privileges, clubhouse rentals, and voting are not available to Social + Activity Members.

Social & Activity Membership Fees
One-time Initiation Fee:  $65
Annual Dues:  $175


Social Membership

Social Memberships allow families and individuals living in Northwest DC to participate in social events at the Club.

Pool access, clubhouse rentals,  membership discounts and voting are not available to Social Members.

Social Membership Fees
One-time Initiation Fee:  $0
Annual Dues:  $60

Join The Cleveland Park Club

If interested in Voting Membership please contact us at

To join as a Social & Activity or Social Member, please press the button to the right.

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