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Beer Club

Easy, refreshing': Cyber social club event aims to 'give cider some love' » Albuquerque Journal

We will dip our toes back into in-person events at the Club with the resurrection of Beer Club.

Beer Club will occur outside at the Club on June 5 at 5:00 pm (for grownups only this time!).

The theme for the month is Beers to Share Out of Isolation (pretty broad!).

For those who know the drill, here is the link to the Google Sheet for the event to sign up and record the beer you will bring so we can avoid duplication:

 New to Beer Club? Here’s what you need to know! I will host, meaning I will bring beers for everyone to enjoy and some munchies. This, along with avoiding duplication, is why you need to sign up on the google sheet so I know how much to bring. 

Please bring a full, unchilled case of one beer to meet the theme (that’s 24 of the same beers). We will gather, drink, eat a little, socialize, and then mix up the beers from the cases each person brought so we all go home with some of every beer to sample. 

 To recap:

1) Sign up

2) Bring a full case of unchilled beer

3) Enjoy the chilled beers and munchies 

4) Have fun

5) Go home with a full case of beer made up of some of everything everyone brought!

 Bottoms up and see you June 5!


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